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There is nothing more human

...than language. Language is central to our social interaction. It is basic to the way humans communicate and interact. But even more the languages we speak profoundly shape the way we think, the way we see the world, the way we live our lives...


Passion for Language

Passion for language is a delicate plant that needs time to grow and blossom. It was in full bloom already when I started my business as a freelance translator in 2003. Languages, their etymology and the way people perceive and process language have always been very important to me. I did German, English and Scandinavian studies in Frankfurt, Tübingen and Reykjavík and published many essays and books on various languages, their grammar and history before I made my way into the world of software L10N.

Qualifications: M. A. (1997), Dr. phil. (2006)

Positions: Language Assistant (1993), University Lectureship (1995-2000), Translator (2000-2001), Project Manager (2001-2003), Freelance Translator and Author (2003-)

Publications: see "Research"

For what it's worth

A high quality translation can only be accomplished by a translator with a superb linguistic, subject-specific, cultural and didactic competence. Such a translator isn't just a language specialist, but a multi-talented person specialized in a huge variety of areas.

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